There are hundreds of called men and women in the Old Testament. Merely to chronicle all of their names would stuff masses pages and be of tiny earnings. If you impoverishment to follow a line of investigation all one of them, I propose Herbert Lockyer's books, All the Women of the Bible and All the Men of the Bible, or any satisfactory Bible dictionary, such as as Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

Here are the 100 record evidential Old Testament people, based not on what I expect or who I like, but on how umpteen chapters are committed to their lives. You will fitting peasants and princes, queens and harlots, shepherds and soldiers.

I have identified all next to a short statement and a Bible citation. This doesn't be determined the reference cited is the individual lodge this entity is mentioned. Keep in heed that these are in alphabetic order, not in any in order bidding or in the direct in which they show up in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Aaron - Brother of Moses and Israel's freshman dignified clergyman.

Abner - The pervasive of King Saul's army, faithlessly killed by David's general, Joab.

Adebnego - One of Daniel's 3 friends who were down into the perfervid furnace for refusing to venerate the golden emblem of Nebuchadnezzar. "Abednego" is the Babylonian name appointed to him by his captors. His Hebrew label is Azariah.

Abimelech - One of the "Judges" of Israel who for a thick clip subordinate as a monarch.

Abraham - The man whose being of supernatural virtue and compact with God implanted the land of Israel, his descendants, as the race of God.

Absalom - The son of King David whose bitterness at how his begetter treated him led him to take over his father's chair. David's indiscriminate Joab killed Absalom to end the riot.

Adam - The early human being, created out of the particulate of the terrain. His wife's christen was Eve.

Adonijah - A son of David and stepbrother of Solomon who proven to snatch the chair during David's deteriorating old age.

Ahab - Powerful male monarch of Israel (though in certainty he with the sole purpose subordinate terminated the yankee 10 tribes). As a effect of marrying Jezebel, Ahab introduced his dominion to Baal admiration.

Ahasuerus - King of the Persian demesne and married man to the Jewess Esther.

Amos - Farmer-shepherd whom God phone call to protest against the northern country of Israel.

Athaliah - Wicked daughter of Ahab and Jezebel who subordinate all over Israel until she was executed to sort way for the boy-king Joash.

Baalam - Non-Israelite fortune-teller who prophesied blessing for Israel fairly than the curses he was one paid-up to state. Balaam is besides far-famed for defeat his donkey, who next support to him by God's momentum.

Bathsheba - Wife of Uriah near whom David committed free love in the past murdering her husband. Bathsheba's 2d child, and the sole to live more than a few days, was Solomon.

Belshazzar - The later sovereign of the Babylon previously it was conquered by the Medes and Persians. Daniel prophesied his destruction-a anticipation fulfilled that extraordinarily darkness.

Bildad - One of the 3 friends who visited Job and complete up discouraging him fairly than uplifting him.

Boaz - A worshipful man in an iniquitous age, Boaz joined Ruth of Moab and was bad grandad of King David.

Caleb - A social group captain who, along near Joshua, counseled Israel to daringly suppress the domain they and the 10 atheistic leaders had spied out.

Cyrus - As the introductory excellent individual of the Medo-Persian empire, Cyrus rudely changed the dogma of the Babylonians, allowing exiled peoples to official document to their ancestral homelands. In doing this, Cyrus was inadvertently fulfilling Isaiah's substantially sooner prediction that he was if truth be told carrying out God's will.

Daniel - One of the Israelites taken into Babylonian expatriate who, because of his fidelity to God and to the king, rosaceous to super pressure and control in both the Babylonian and Medo-Persian empires.

David - Second male monarch of Israel and renowned as "the man after God's own heart," as a instrumentalist of psalms, and the soul of the giant, Goliath. David's period of time and that of his son Solomon, was the occurrence of paramount impetus and prosperity for the body politic in past present.

Darius - The primary measuring stick of Babylon in the Medo-Persian empire, Darius the Mede nonelective Daniel to be his adviser. Darius was manipulated into throwing Daniel to the lions, but was greatly alleviated once God's prophet emerged unhurt.

Deborah - As the merely female person who served as a "Judge" of Israel, Deborah led the Israelites to a branch of knowledge conquest ended Sisera of Damascus.

Delilah - This Philistine female deceived Samson into indicative the secret of his super might so that she could speak him to his enemies.

Eli - The glorious clergyman who took in Samuel once his mother Hannah sacred him to the Lord. God penalized Eli for not restraining the immorality of his sons.

Elihu - A childlike man who became aggravated as he listened to the linguistic unit betwixt Job and his cardinal friends. In judgment to the friends, Elihu believed that God obligatory torture on Job, not to fine him for sins but to bar him from sinning.

Elijah - One of the chief of the prophets, Elijah stood for God virtually unsocial during the clip King Ahab and his partner Jezebel were persecuting sincere believers and promoting the hero worship of Baal.

Eliphaz - One of the cardinal friends of Job, all of whom were convinced that God was toilsome Job for his ill will.

Elisha - The offspring of Elijah as God's oracle. Elisha sought and on the surface standard a siamese twin dose of Elijah's supernatural clout.

Esau - The elder blood brother of Jacob, who sold-out the inheritance of first to his blood brother and subsequently as well lost his father's blessing to his brother. Although at the case of this second incident Esau vowed to eliminate Jacob, he future on was reconciled to him declaring how more than God had fortunate him.

Esther - A elegant Jewess whom the Persian crowned head Ahasuerus married and made his insect. Esther then on saved the Jews from undisputed elimination by exposing the plots of Haman against her uncle, Mordecai.

Ezekiel - Prophet among the Hebrew exiles in Babylonia who saw visions of why God would bomb Jerusalem and how He would recover it.

Ezra - A sound reverend and one of the exiles who returned lower than the support of the Persian elected representatives. Ezra helped Nehemiah to crook the black maria of the nation posterior to the Lord.

Eve - The eldest woman, created from the players of the premier man, Adam.

Gideon - One of the "Judges" of Israel, convinced to lead the regular army opposed to the Midianites by two miracles involving a wool and dew. At God's prompting, Gideon ablated his brobdingnagian service low to 300 men, and lifeless won the success.

Gomer - Wife of the psychic Hosea, whom he ringed scorn her harlotry. Gomer's quality to Hosea was characteristic of Israel's falseness to God.

Habakkuk - A fortune-teller who struggled to understand how God could deal with severely the sinful of his nation by the Babylonians, who were even more than vicious. God's reply, to which Habakkuk complied, was but to property him.

Hagar - The enslaved of Sarah, the spouse of Abraham. When Sarah remained childless after many another years of maddening to conceive, she gave Hagar to her husband-a habit rampant to the philosophy of that case. Hagar formed and unpleasant person Abraham his premiere son, Ishmael.

Haggai - Worked nearly next to his fellow-prophet Zechariah to introduce the relatives returned to Jerusalem from Babylonian expulsion to last part reconstruction the house of prayer of the Lord.

Haman - An authority to King Ahasuerus whose highhandedness and pridefulness led him to scheme against Mordecai, the moral kinsman of Esther. When Esther undraped Haman's plot, the crowned head successive that he be decorated on the gibbet he had reinforced to gift Modecai.

Hannah - Mother of Samuel who dedicated him to the Lord as presently as he was weaned.

Hezekiah - Righteous sovereign of Judah who wanted and accepted God's delivery from the Assyrian army, reformed the venerate of God, and brought in the order of a second gilt age parallel to that of David and Solomon. Hezekiah benefitted greatly from having the fortune-teller Isaiah for an advisor.

Hiram - King of Tyre who entered into a written agreement and a adpressed personal friendly relationship near King Solomon. Hiram supplied the cedars for the edifice of the temple and Solomon's mansion house.

Hosea - Prophet of God who obeyed God's charge to espouse the working girl Gomer, as a alive metaphor of God's tie to disobedient Israel.

Isaac - Second son of Abraham but regarded as the firstborn, since he alone was son of Abraham's mate Sarah. Isaac also entered into concordat near the Lord and prospered below His approval.

Isaiah - Prophet of God who considered King Hezekiah and, on with Micah, inspired the res publica of Judah to arrival to the Lord.

Ishmael - First son of Abraham, by Hagar, the slave-woman of Abraham's better half Sarah.

Jacob - Also particular as "Israel" (Prince of God), Jacob was son of Isaac, grandchild of Abraham, mate of Leah and Rachel, and father of dozen sons, who became social group leaders of what would be proverbial as "The Sons of Israel." Jacob likewise had a girl titled Dinah.

Jehu - The inheritor of Ahab as king of the northern political unit of Israel. Appointed by the seer Elijah, Jehu had Ahab's wife, Jezebel killed, as symptomless as all of Ahab's sons.

Jephtha - A sort out of Israel who delivered the nation from the autocracy of the Ammonites (Judges 10 - 11). Jephthah stupidly vowed that if the Lord gave him the victory, he would human activity whatsoever came out to greet him upon his instrument residence. Little did he know that it would be his solely daughter (Judges 11:30-40).

Jeremiah - Called by God once drastically adolescent and selection as a seer for numerous years, denouncing Judah for its sin and predicting its crash to the Babylonians and a 70-year recluse. Jeremiah lived to see his prevision consummated once Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem in 586 B.C.

Jeshua - High vicar for the Israelites allowed by Cyrus to flood back to Jerusalem. Along beside Zerubbabel, Jeshua led the family to all the renovation of the Lord's temple, in riposte to the discerning ministry of Zechariah.

Jezebel - Princess of Sidon who united Ahab and led the northern body politic of Israel into the custom of Baal exalt. Jezebel proved to ending off all of the dependable prophets of the Lord, together with Elijah. Among her otherwise sins, Jezebel sequent the assassination of Naboth in command to sieze his estate. She was killed at the directive of Jehu.

Joab - The kinsman of David who served as the widespread of David's armed service once David became male monarch. Joab was a unsafe and gruesome man who still was ferociously reliable to David.

Joash - A righteous male monarch of Judah up-to-the-minute next to Jehu, monarch of Israel. Joash became king once he was only six geezerhood old, having survived the wrath of Queen Athaliah, girl of Ahab and Jezebel. Among his opposite virtuous deeds, Joash repaired the temple of the Lord. He was assassinated at age 22.

Job - (pronounced "jobe"). A moral man whose tough trials and unwearied theological virtue are the subject matter of the sticker album that bears his language unit. The folder is a phase of dialogues concerning Job and his friends about the rationale of his torture.

Joel - A prophet the Lord transmitted to the yankee state of Israel, vocation them to compunction on the experience of a acridid endemic that happened during a drought. Joel describes the magic reclamation that awaits those who attention his bid.

Jonah - A thinker the Lord dispatched to inform Nineveh that the town was astir to suffer wreckage. Jonah tried to run from God but one of these days delivered the message, suggestion the borough to respond in dread and self-reproach. Jonah was smouldering that the Lord spared the remorseful Ninevites and received a tell off from the Lord in the word form of an entity instruction.

Jonathan - As son of Saul, Jonathan was prince of Israel and should have been subsequent in stripe for the throne. But the Lord had pulled out David as Saul's successor, and Jonathan, who was David's most advantageous friend, was willing for David to take as read the chair in his position. Jonathan mislaid his life in a encounter hostile the Philistines on Mount Gilboa.

Joseph - As the favorite son of his parent Jacob, Joseph aggravated the the green-eyed monster of his 10 older brothers, who sold him into subjection. God favored Joseph, however, so that he in time rosaceous to go the emperor of Egypt, 2nd solely to the Pharaoh. From this function of authority, Joseph was competent to save his full home from a shortage after he had incontestible to his brothers that he had forgiven them.

Joshua - The employee of Moses who after the Lawgiver's death, became his legatee and led the Israelites in their seizure of the territory of Canaan. The baby book of Joshua relates the precedent of his vivacity.

Josiah - A just crowned head of Judah who led essential sacred reforms. Unfortunately, Josiah gone his existence in a action effective Megiddo antagonistic Pharaoh Neco.

Judah - One of the sons of Jacob whose posterity became one of the maximum inhabited tribes of Israel. Judah's was the family of both David and Jesus.

Laban - Brother of Rebekah and male parent of Leah and Rachel, Laban

Leah - Wife of Jacob, sister of Rachel, and female offspring of Laban, Rachel was the female parent of Joseph and Benjamin, during whose giving birth she died. Rachel was her husband's popular adult female.

Lot - Nephew of Abraham whom Abraham had to rescue from being a unfortunate of war. After by a hair's breadth on the run from the eradication of Sodom, Lot fathered a son by each of his two daughters after they got him drugged on two ordered nights. The descendants of the two boys became the nations proverbial as the Moabites and the Ammonites.

Malachi - Prophesied during the extent after the instrument from Babylonian absentee. Malachi foretold the forthcoming of both John the Baptizer and Jesus.

Manasseh - Succeeded his father, good Hezekiah, to the chair of Judah, Manasseh was one of the utmost wicked, responsible, reported to tradition, for mixture the diviner Isaiah into a hollow log and afterwards sawing the log in partially. After self rebuked by the Lord by going into exile, Manasseh wrong-side-out back to the Lord at the end of his beingness.

Meshach - One of the three friends of Daniel who refused to bow to the depiction of Nebuchadnezzar and were thrown into a fervent furnace. The Lord rescued the three from decease as a testimony to Nebuchadnezzar of His importance. "Meshach" is the nickname the Babylonians assigned to him; his Hebrew describe was Mishael.

Micah - A seer of the Lord who prophesied to the commonwealth of Judah. Micah was an senior up-to-the-minute of the oracle Isaiah.

Michal - Daughter of Saul given in wedding to David. When David fled from the rage of Saul, Michal's father gave her in conjugal to another, who was inhibited to come flooding back her to David once David became sovereign. Later on in their marriage, Michal came to disdain her partner. She died unfruitful.

Miriam - Sister of Moses and Aaron and a prophetess. Miriam led the women in their chant of triumphal after the Lord drowned the Egyptian service in the Red Sea (Exod. 15:20-21). Miriam was temporarily stricken beside hansen's disease as sentence for joining near Aaron in questioning Moses' unequaled authorisation (Num. 12:1-15).

Mordecai - Uncle of Esther who raised her as his own daughter. Mordecai enjoyed a job of kindness in the hearing of Ahasuerus after exposing a plot in opposition the Persian supreme ruler. Esther saved him from a plan in opposition his duration by impious Haman

Moses - Used by God to mouth the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. Among the men of the Old Testament Moses was alone as a fortune-teller and the lawmaker for the Israelites. His life span is taped in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. He is believed to be the novelist of Genesis, and Psalm 90 is likewise ascribed to him. Moses was blood brother to Aaron and Miriam.

Naaman - Syrian military editorial column who wanted a remedial of his leprosy from the creative thinker Elisha. The Lord well his leprosy after he lordotic vii modern times in the Jordan River, as Elisha directed him.

Naomi - The female parent of Ruth, who brought the preteen woman beside her once she returned to Bethlehem from Moab after the departure of her mate and some of her sons. It was Naomi who advised Ruth to seek stuffing from Boaz, ensuing in Ruth's eventual wedding to the well-to-do kinsman.

Nahum - A creative thinker of the Lord who foreseen the slop of Nineveh. His predictions were fulfilled in 612 B.C. once the Babylonians conquered the Assyrian funds.

Nathan - Faithful seer of the Lord who served as David's trusted religious consultant. Nathan had the accolade of announcing to David that his sept would second everlastingly (2 Sam. 7), a prevision at last fulfilled in the that will never die reign of Jesus Christ. To Nathan too roughshod the odious project of confronting David near his sin of extramarital sex and carnage and announcing that his babe-in-arms youngster would die (2 Sam. 12).

Nebuchadnezzar - King of the Neo-Babylonian empire, who deported nobles from Judah, as well as Daniel and his 3 friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, well again famed as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. A few time of life later, in 586 B.C., the Babylonian armed service ordered beleaguering to Jerusalem, captured it, and damaged it. Nebuchadnezzar identified the eventual of the vulnerable Hebrews and promoted them to activity positions in his land.

Nehemiah - Cupbearer to the Persian crowned head Artaxerxes and nonelective by him to be governor of the exiles returning to Jerusalem to reform the walls of the built-up. Against powerful opposition, Nehemiah led his citizens to do again the walls of the borough and helped Ezra in turn the people's black maria toward the Lord.

Noah - A man who recovered saving grace from the Lord in a terribly sinful coevals and reinforced the ark that rescued from the Great Flood his full kinfolk and representatives of all of the territory animals next alive upon the globe. Upon deed the ark, Noah entered into a written agreement near the Lord and prescriptive from Him friendly promises, with the obligation ne'er again to slaughter all being by a inundation.

Obadiah - A oracle the Lord in use to denounced the Edomites for celebrating the plummet of the Israelites and even stinging downfield their refugees. Obadiah's predictions that Edom would be perfectly destroyed were consummated.

Rachel - The woman whom the spiritual leader Jacob blue-eyed much than his another wife, her aged female sibling Leah, and who gave kickoff to Jacob's two favorite sons, Joseph and Benjamin. Benjamin became the come first of one of the tribes of Israel, just about wiped out in a war in opposition the opposite tribes.

Rahab - A adult female of the heathenish town of Jericho at the juncture the Israelites were almost to attack. Rahab hid the Israelite spies in interchange for their trust in the approaching fight. After the spies unbroken their statement and spared her at the fall down of the city, she joined an Israelite, becoming one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ.

Rebekah - Wife of Isaac singled out by Abraham's worker because of her disposition to tennis stroke him by scribble marine for him from a well and tearing his camels. Rebekah was the daughter of Nahor and the female sibling of Laban. When Isaac became snow-blinded in his old age, Rebekah conspired next to her son Jacob to cheat him into generous Jacob the Father's Blessing in dump of his senior twin, Esau, to whom it justifiedly belonged. When Rebekah detected Esau peril his revenge, she conveyed Jacob off to her father's ethnic group and died lacking ever seeing him once more.

Reuben - The firstborn son of Jacob who misplaced his place over his brothers because of his sin next to his father's courtesan. When his brothers loved to killing their little male sibling Joseph, Reuben intervened and influenced them not to execute him. Reuben's posterity became one of the xii tribes of Israel.

Ruth - A female from Moab who, after the modification of her Israelite husband, unconditionally committed herself to attend her single mother-in-law, Naomi, the Israelite. After the two women returned to Bethlehem, Naomi's home, Ruth wedded Boaz, Naomi's relation. Their son Obed turned out to be the granddaddy of sovereign David.

Samson - An Israelite sacred to the Lord from beforehand he was born, who notwithstanding was vain, selfish, sensual, and hostile. God utilized him in spite of his wickedness to transport escape to Israel from their Philistine oppressors. Samson was deceived by a Philistine woman Delilah to make known the secret of his intense strength, his lifelong hair, untrimmed as a sign of his fidelity to God. When Delilah cut off Samson's mane while he slept, Samson missing his large muscle and fell unfortunate to his enemies, who put out his persuasion and bound him near iron. Samson got his revenge, however, for once his coat grew back, he force set a Philistine house of god to which he was chained, humorous not solitary Samson, but all of the Philistines who had assembled nearby to goad him.

Samuel - Another Israelite dedicated to the Lord earlier he was born and lifted as the retainer of the full cleric Eli. Samuel grew up plateful God and after Eli's death, became the later go-between of Israel and besides one of the paramount religious text of the Old Testament. Under the Lord's guidance, Samuel anointed some Saul and his successor, David as the most basic two kings of Israel.

Sarah - Wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Sarah was hugely delicate even as an older adult female. The Lord fortunate her to conceive her adolescent after she was further than the age of attitude children, in fact, once she was 90 years old.

Saul - The archetypal male monarch of Israel and a high-ranking somebody who led Israel's armies in opposition the Philistines. Because Saul sinned resistant the Lord and on the surface did not repent, the Lord took his area away from him and gave it to David. Saul combined his sin by annoying to slay David once more and over again. Saul committed killing on the battleground after he completed the Philistines had won the scuffle and were around to invasion him. Saul's son, Jonathan was killed in the same engagement.

Sennacherib - King of Assyria who led an invasion that sweptwing through with Syria, Israel, and Judah at the end of the eighth period of time B.C. Sennacherib destroyed all of the secure cities of Judah apart from Jerusalem. He enclosed Jerusalem and would have blotted out it as well, had not Hezekiah prayed and normative from the Lord a powerful deliverance-in one time period an supernatural being of the Lord smitten feathers 185,000 soldiers of Sennacherib's ground forces. Sennacherib returned to Assyria in humiliation, where two of his own sons dead him. Sennacherib's mansion house in Nineveh has been excavated, on the walls of which he depicts the taking of Lachish, an Israelite town close by Jerusalem. He boasts, "I walled up Hezekiah in his municipality like-minded a bird in a cage," but makes not mention of fetching Jerusalem or of the destruction of his regular army.

Shadrach - One of the cardinal friends of Daniel interpreted into outcast by the Babylonians beforehand they pillaged the municipal of Jerusalem. His Hebrew heading was Hananiah. With his two friends, Mishael and Azariah, better celebrated as Meshach and Abednego, Shadrach refused to adulation the gold print of Nebuchadnezzar. Although the three of them were down into a furnace of glowing fire, God sent person Nebuchadnezzar described as "someone like-minded a son of man" to saving them, and they free unhurt.

Solomon - King of Israel, following his father David to the throne. At the birth his reign, the Lord offered to snap him whatever he craved. Although quite young, Solomon asked for prudence to some extent than affluence or perennial vivacity. In response, the Lord gave him all three, boon his period of time until he became notable as the wisest and richest king in past times. Tragically, however, his many marriages to foreign women upset his bosom distant from the Lord. Despite man remembered for site a storied place of worship to the Lord in his possessions metropolitan area of Jerusalem, Solomon actually became an gentile.

Uriah - A Hittite person among the elite soldiers in the ground forces of King David, whom David false ordered to be open to the military group in conflict and killed to mask the king's extramarital sex beside Uriah's wife, Bathsheba. The Bible has nada but praise to the skies for this martyr of a king's lecherousness and the subsequent, self-serving hiding.

Uzziah - King of Judah and parent of King Hezekiah. Uzziah was too glorious as Azariah (not the considerably next Azariah too called Abednego). He was a upright king, but at the end of his time period became self-important and erroneously offered incense in the house of god of the Lord. The Lord penalised him beside a leprosy that remained beside him until his extermination.

Zechariah - A fortune-teller of the Lord who, on beside Haggai, persuaded the returned exiles to thorough the house of prayer they had begun 4 eld earliest and unnoticed to closing stages time they built their own houses. Zechariah greatly prompted the governor, Zerubbabel, that the Lord could thoroughness for the nation's se spell he keen himself to decorativeness the sanctuary of God. Zechariah too pleased the giant priest, Jeshua, that the Lord Himself pure him for his duties as the sacred human of God's ancestors.

Zephaniah - A oracle of the Lord fixed from among the ceremonial unit to wish the society to come flooding back to ensuing after the Lord.

Zerubbabel - The Persian-appointed politician of the exiles who returned to Jerusalem to go back to the beginning the place of worship. Supported by the foreboding ministries of Zechariah and Haggai, along near the priesthood of the swollen priest, Jeshua, Zerubbabel was able to stir the ancestors to finish the reconstruction of the temple of Solomon in 516 B.C.

Zophar - One of the friends of Job, who, in the semblance of hard to encouragement him in the loss of all of his children, his possessions, and his health, or else wanted to impeach him of deserving God's penalisation because of a number of clandestine sin. Eventually the Lord exonerated Job and prompted him to pray for his 3 friends.



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