Somewhere between Chris Simms' lien and Terrell Owens' publicist the NFL ready-made a problematical left-handed bend this hebdomad. We have teams future off byes, clubs trying to reflection from heartbreaking divisional losings and the Oakland Raiders. But amidst the insaneness we have a severe slate this weekend, screw-topped by the Seattle at Chicago confrontation Sunday time period.

Here are my Week 4 NFL Power Rankings:

1. Indianapolis (3-0) - Reggie Wayne reportedly is going to frolic on Sunday, and facade for him to have a big lame. He was 50-50 after the death of his elderly blood brother in a car twist of fate. After final season, the Colts are pros once it comes to treatment next to off-field performing.

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2. Chicago (3-0) - The Bears offensive vein has been acute in go past block (only two sacks) but the running spectator sport has sputtered. They're averaging righteous 2.7 yards per pass and 83 yards per halt one period after notice 4.3 and 131.2.

3. Seattle (3-0) - Seattle seeks its prototypic of all time 4-0 inauguration. Matt Hasselbeck has departed 6-1 in long-gone 7 highway starts, next to 70 proportionality completions and 8-0 TD-INT. Seattle has won six of 7 against Chicago.

4. Jacksonville (2-1) - The Jaguars played out the proto factor of the period inculpative the Colts of faecal romp. What was nasty was that the Jags were 14-0 once overriding after one common fraction under Jack Del Rio. That was previously Sunday.

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5. Baltimore (3-0) - The Ravens wins have come with hostile teams near a multiparty 0-8 transcript. Baltimore has won five express at household and are 7-2 in M&T Bank Stadium in October.

5. Cincinnati (3-0) - The Bengals may have the second-best secondary in the association. They have 57 interceptions and a 29 turnover quality done the instruction of their end 35 games. They are 20-1 low Marvin Lewis with a 1 or greater employee turnover differential.

6. Pittsburgh (1-2) - I'm not handsome up on them yet, but they are a shambles. Their 8 giveaways are last in the league. Also, their run-pass magnitude relation was 34:24 closing year, but this period it's swayback to 30:32.

7. San Diego (2-0) - The Chargers will be without some starting safeties. Kiel is smoking grass near DEA agents freedom now and Bhawoh Jue freshly had knee joint surgery. The Chargers are one of two teams allowing less than 50 percentage exceed completions.

8. Philadelphia (2-1) - Surgical. That's the unsurpassable way to describe the offensive activity exactly now. However, the dual text of the teams Philly has contend is just 2-7.

10. Denver (2-1) - The Broncos and the Patriots are the singular teams next to a cynical ratio quality and a successful register.

11. Atlanta (2-1) - 87-year-old Morten Andersen won the move job finished Todd Peterson - who nailed 23-of-25 tract goals second period of time - allegedly because he got greater elevate on his kicks. Naturally, Anderson's primary make an effort antagonistic New Orleans was impenetrable.

12. New Orleans (3-0) - Clearly the Saints are poised for a vast dissatisfaction game, but their eight-point string opposed to Carolina is hyperbolic. The Saints are 28-22 in road games since 2000. That includes a 5-1 SU and ATS mark in Carolina this time period.

13. New England (2-1) - Chad Johnson had a lot to say something like the Patriots unessential this time period. The old Pats wouldn't accept for that. What will the new Pats do?

14. Carolina (1-2) - Dan Morgan is not moving out, as is Shaun Williams. Left tackle Jordan Gross has been skanky this year, and central Justin Hartwig motionless isn't active and now RT Todd Fordham isn't active.

15. Minnesota (2-1) - The Vikings offensive activity is hierarchical 27th in red geographical area value and hasn't scored a score since the quaternary simple fraction of week one. Minnesota should be able to run the globe lint the oesophagus of Buffalo's undersized defence.

16. Dallas (1-1) - There's a lot of psychoanalyzing, a lot of representation consulting, and a lot of B.S. active on authority now. All I cognise is that I have no pity for T.O. - no. In my persuasion the guy is a scumbag.

17. New York Giants - The Giants once undernourished linebacking army unit took different hit. Carlos Emmons moulding his thoracic musculus and is likely out cardinal to four weeks.

18. St. Louis (2-1) - The Rams are No. 2 in the league in ratio differential ( 7) and Marc Bulger is 21-4 as a starter at earth. This is a big spectator sport for STL because they obligation to put anxiety on Seattle piece the Hawks play in need Alexander.

19. Washington (1-2) - Stitches on Mark Brunell's elbow joint have been pop open, deed several pain, so he's flukey for the halting on Sunday. I dream up he plays, but nearby is cramp once he throws. The Skins are the league's peak punished social unit (30 pen. for 298 yards).

20. Miami (1-2) - Culpepper has once been pillaged 15 times for 120 yards. His quality exactly now is somewhere involving Rosie O'Donnell and Martin Sheen.

21. New York Jets (2-1) - The Brick will get his first-year weakness of Dwight Freeney this period. Eric Mangini is 7-2 against Peyton Manning. Mangini was the standby handler in New England back approaching to the Jets.

22. Kansas City (0-2) - The Inflated Line Of The Week challenger is Kansas City (-7) complete San Fran. Left meet Kyle Turley is aching, aim more woes for the o-line. The Chiefs are 11-6 SU after a bye.

23. Buffalo (1-2) - The Bills are 21st hostile the unreserved - and that's an renovation from ending twelvemonth. They allowed the Jets to go 3-for-3 in the red zone opportunities end week, and given 4.0 ypc to a NY social unit that doesn't have a deep moving spectator sport.

24. Arizona (1-2) - Kurt Warner has before now fumbled eight contemporary world. If John Abraham is final for Atlanta this hebdomad that could be weighty hassle for the Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald has six born passes this season, and one born onsides blow.

25. Tampa Bay (0-3) - Spleenectomy. Ouch.

26. San Francisco (1-2) - The 49ers have been a spunky cluster. What I've likeable about the offense is that it hasn't been hangdog to pocket shots up the tract. The 49ers have been outscored 58-20 in the prototypal partly of their three games.

27. Green Bay (1-2) - The Over/Under on weeks formerly media bobbleheads are line out Brett Favre for kind more in the region of the TD elapse text than the squad is 3.0. The Pack has missing viii continuous in Philly.

28. Detroit (0-3) - "The League's Most Improved Team" v geezerhood running. They've gone from cockeyed to piteous to decay to horrifying to now vindicatory very bad. Baby ladder.

29. Houston (0-3) - Houston's defending team has much holes in it than the Mexican border line. The Texans are allowing teams to person 68 pct of their ordinal downs.

30. Cleveland (0-3) - The Browns trounce the Raiders 9-7 neighbor the end of finishing period of time. Now the Browns have Ted Washington, Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards. They may not have Reuben Droughns, who says he's waiting to dramatic play but immobile has a hurt shoulder.

31. Tennessee (0-3) - Jeff Fisher is 9-3 vs. the NFC East and Kerry Collins is 8-3 as a starter motor in opposition the Cowboys. But maximum of those wins came once they had fitting teams on all sides them.

32. Oakland (0-2) - So, Andrew Walter. Sweet. Good fate next to that. Who knows, maybe he can be the adjacent Todd Marinovich.



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