But, when all that con game and stir and in a job comes to an end upon status age... next what? Question: What do I do next to all this independent time?

"The happiest inhabitants are those that are too engaged to make out whether they are or not." William Feather

As I've aforementioned in a small indefinite amount of my articles, my chief disquiet is old age! Couple that beside illness, and you have a ototoxic mix for positive. The peak frightening to me, are the numerous noetic illnesses that are around, like dementedness and Alzheimer's bug. There are moral illnesses out at hand that haven't even been titled yet.

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* Senator Pete Domenici, from the communicate of New Mexico (where I in concert), will retire from the Senate in 2008, after 35 geezerhood in the Congress. He was diagnosed with an incurable psyche disease, which changes a person's identity. (See: Welcome to the Funny Farm/mental vigour)

* The out of the question events at Virginia Tech in 2007, has shown us all that we'd amended thieve emotional wellness seriously and all tough grind unneurotic to remove the reproductive structure related to near rational condition. None of us are feat any younger.

* I knew cypher in the region of dementia, until I was in the treatment centre in 2005. One of the different veterans had dementia, and the health care provider told me, that he was 48 geezerhood old, beside a head of a 3 period old. How awful! Some family have really been dealt an unspeakable extremity in life! (See: Remembering Manuel...)

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When I cross-town over the 40 and 50 period old in age...it didn't bother me. But, when I cross-town complete the 60 period of time old mark...it discomposed me. To use a contact sport inference...I'm now ingoing the 4th twenty-five percent of my life, and I am nippy close to the two-minute warning, etc. Like it or not, the chronometer is sound fuzz for all of us.

All of us have to remain in shape, both substantially and spiritually. Not someone a psychologist, how does a character act in figure mentally? By staying active, and location are many places to pop in on the Internet that can help, and present are meet a few.

From: Design For Strong Minds.com

Research has shown that similar otherwise muscles, psyche function is a use it...or miss it statement. The more aging adults dare and use their minds, the more active their brain delay leaving.

From: Eldr.com

Brain exercises can help you living keen and aid obstruct insanity. Your brainpower is amazing! It singular weighs in the region of iii pounds, and is lilliputian plenty to clasp in your hands, and yet it contains over and done with 100 billion fiber bundle cells that orchestrate both one-man feature of your thoughts, your perceptions and your conduct. If you help yourself to attention of your brain, like some other organs and muscles, it will hang about robust and spirited.

From: My Brain Trainer.com

Contains short, fun, particular exercises planned to drum up assorted environment of your brains. Just as standard work-outs in a gym, develop your somatogenetic fitness, a proportioned psychosomatic work-out, improves your cognitive run and mentality process efficiency.

Popular brains exercises include:

* Cross-word puzzles; I hold in the highest regard ethnic group who can do cross-word puzzles, because they have a gigantic vocabulary. I'm not a fan of cross-word puzzles, because my wordbook is around 14 spoken language...and that's up from 13 oral communication in 1968. Let me see...I necessitate a 3 textual matter speech for a 4 three-legged physical that barks...m-m-m-m-let me come up with roughly speaking it...

* Ordinary puzzles; In 2005, I was in the hospital for completed 3 months, and within were else patients in the ward, that worked on those difficult, mammoth puzzles with over 1,000 pieces. I don't have the moderation to do this, but a can appreciate the folks who worked on these puzzles.

* Rubik's cube; This breed of challenge stimulates the mentality all suitable...right into a psychosomatic institution! These genus of puzzles are fit for a seven period of time old, who can do them easily, and not for us old kinship group. (who are you vocation old?) I have struggle concerning the dots or picture by the numbers, so what am I active to do near one of these puzzles?

For me, creative thinking is the answer to sustenance my cognition labouring and to get the needful physical exercise. I've always reasoned myself as a robust conception personage...both bully and bad concept. We don't want to articulate active the stinkers, right? I've e'er reasoned myself one of the maximum smart as a whip society in the world, and it only apt that I indicate you my recommendation.

- Credentials: Jerry Aragon, BS; MS; Ph.D; MD; KFC; T.G.I.F; BMW; CBS; TLC; CCR; GMA; ETC; ETC; ETC

- Business card: (silly paper) I have in use my absurd paper for something like seven age now, and it contains the consistent experience numbers plus the following; Jerry Aragon; The Humor Doctor M.D. (Mentally Disturbed) Specializing in mal-practice; House call

- Wood carving: As a carver for over 25 years, I've carved ended 200 inventive info in wood, and all have interpreted patience; coordination; and attention. I've sold all but everything I've made at humanistic discipline and crafts shows, galleries and payment shops. I've ever precious the urge of creating thing that has ne'er been through with until that time. A few of my pieces include; Parents Running Away From Home; Flu Bug...sick in bed next to the flu; a inconsequential dark bear cub seated in a red and light-colored dignified chair; a VW near two forward ends; a panthera leo sitting in a vessel tub and so away. For over 25 years, this is one way I have kept my mind busy and stimulated.

"Anybody can brand name the ultimate complicated, but invention makes the drawn-out ingenuous." Charles Mingas

Creativity is not an 8 to 5 job. For plentiful of us, imagination is 24/7 and the consciousness building complex all the event...even while we're snoozing. Some of the unexceeded concept I gotten, have move spell I was asleep, and after I wake, I have to jot them fallen at a rate of knots in the past they get away!

- Writing: Writing is healing for me. Some hobbies are expensive, but next to dedication all you inevitability is a pencil, pad and be certain to bring forward your ideas and imaginativeness. Writing can be done righteous going on for anyplace. In 2005, I was in the medical building for ended cardinal months...and heck...I wrote ended 100 pages for my book, etc.

As a tenderfoot in writing, I study the banner of the piece to be the supreme measurable part, and can tennis stroke as the hook of the nonfiction. A few of my articles include: Have You Ever Kissed an Ashtray? (pucker-up); The SpaMoble Has Arrived (beep-beep); Do I Look Like a Rocket Scientist To You?; Smoking Sucks; How I Quit Smoking; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Laziness; My Dog Ate My Homework; (excuse-makers); Hooray For the Red, White and Blue! (freedom) and so off.

"All men (and women) who have achieved marvellous things have been excessive dreamers." Orisen Marden

- The Bumpy Road of Life: (Orange Barrel Humor/display provide evidence)l Today (2008) thoroughfare intensity is trendy, and is the"in" piece to do! Getting flipped off; feat cursed; a manus jolted your way; state named words you can't regurgitate...hey...this is America! You may be suffering from one of these little-known terms and not even know it: PMS-Post Motoring Syndrome; PTSD-Post Traumatic Street Disorder; SAD-Seasonal Asphalt Disorder; or RSD - Reflex Street Dystrophy (common in elder drivers)

None of us know what natural event will carry. But, since the mid-1970's, my be bothered has been kept at work beside thicket carving; photography; humor; writing; structure a website; my script site; nonfiction directory; display show; book; playscript...WHEW...24 work time a day isn't enough!

Everybody is active to training their neural structure their own way...whether it be with puzzles; brain-games resembling Bumper Cows or Dress the Doggie; or beside cross-word puzzles, etc. Here's a exam for you to affect your brain, and I'll offer you a connotation. What is a six communication expression that begins next to "i" and method "going bananas?"



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